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There are seven seas while there are major rivers in the world. Cite gene balinggan. April 2, Leave a Response Cancel Reply Name required.

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Vermont: Chelsea Green Publishing, Articles on DifferenceBetween. User assumes all risk of use, damage, or injury. You agree that we have no liability for any damages. What is a Sea? The surface of the earth began to cool down. Rain started to fall and it continued for hundreds of years. With the force of gravity, the primeval great waters did not leave the planet. The following enumeration outlines how rivers are generally formed: Water from melting ice or rain runs down a slope.

The running water follows cracks in land. Different small streams meet. The uniting streams become larger and larger until the flow develops into a river.

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As the flow reaches lower ground, it widens and follows a route towards a bigger body of water such as a sea. Salinity in Sea vs.

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River There is higher salinity in sea water as it contains the minerals carried by rivers. Direction of Sea and River Rivers generally lead to the sea while the latter is an interconnection system of oceans.

We've discovered a massive dinosaur-era river delta under the sea

Sea and River Floods A river may overflow its bank and cause flood while seas do not generally flood due to massive evaporation. Source of of Sea and River Water in a river comes from a higher area while that which flows into the sea may come from the same level. Cause of Movement Waters in rivers flow due to gravity and the difference in area levels. Time formation It took billions of years to form our seas while rivers may be formed in a lesser number of years.

Leisure Maritime leisure activities often include larger vessels such as cruising and yachting. Water movement in of Sea and River Waves in the sea move slower as compared to the running water in a river. Number There are seven seas while there are major rivers in the world. Sea vs River: Comparison Chart Summary of Sea and River Seas and rivers are bodies of water that are essential in sustaining civilizations. A sea is smaller than an ocean which may be partly or fully enclosed by land. A river is a naturally flowing body of water which comes from higher areas such as mountains.

Seas are much bigger than rivers which are longer and narrower. In both cases, the freshwater forms a current that pushes water up against the shoreline, raising localized sea levels in the process. At the moment, says Piecuch, the model is still just a proof-of-concept, but could already help calculate the effects of sea level rise on certain coastal regions. That data is missing from current satellite measurements, since the resolution of existing sensors isn't fine enough to get accurate readings of ocean height within a few miles of the coast.

But if a major storm comes through, even a small rise in the background mean sea level could have a huge impact on flooding. Right now, the WHOI model has only been used to calculate average sea level on an annual basis -- but Piecuch and his colleagues are working to change that. Ultimately, they hope to consider more detailed and granular data, so they can understand how individual events, like a hurricane or massive rainfall, might affect ocean levels.

The work has important implications for climate models, remote sensing, and the projection of coastal flood risks. Also collaborating on the study were Steven J. Kemp of Tufts University, Rui M. Ponte and Chistopher M. Little of Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.

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Engelhart of the University of Rhode Island. Materials provided by Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

Science News. Journal Reference : Christopher G. Piecuch, Klaus Bittermann, Andrew C. Kemp, Rui M. Ponte, Christopher M. Little, Simon E.