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Upcoming Events click poster images for larger view. All proceeds will be used to upgrade the parking lot. Over 5 Acres of Gardens Paths meander over five acres of gardens that are bright with flowers, plants and trees. The pacing was a bit slow to begin with, and I was thinking that I had made a mistake in agreeing to review this book.

Luckily, without even realizing it, the pacing picked up, and I was enthralled with this story. The book definitely has an interesting plot. I love, love, love the idea of a grotto under a tree. There's not many subplots, but I think this is because it's a middle grade novel. I was quite happy there wasn't many subplots though.

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The use of mystical creatures as well as a traditional figure was interesting. I even like the way the author made up his own type of mythical creatures. The best thing about the plot was the life lessons found throughout the novel. I liked the characters. I thought they sounded like they were really sweet.


I would've liked to know more about them such as what they were like when they were in their normal existence. I did like the way they looked out for each other no matter what happened. It was touching to see how they were willing to sacrifice their own life for the other's many times. It was obvious how close these two were.

The dialogue was mostly written well for a middle grade novel. However, there were some words in there that I think tweens and younger teens might struggle with. Also, there were times when the children spoke that made them seem more like high school kids rather than elementary kids. Oh, and I found it annoying how the book had to mention every time they held hands or rested their head on each other.

It got a bit repetitive. Other than that, the dialogue flows really well and suits a middle grade novel! There's no swearing although there is mild violence. Overall, The Grotto Under the Tree is a very amusing read which will transport you into a magical realm.

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With only a few minor issues, this is a novel that children will thoroughly enjoy. I'd recommend this to children aged 10 - 13 who would love to be transported into a magical and mystical universe! I received a free ebook of this title from the tour host in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Oct 09, Jessica rated it liked it. My favorite way to read Middle Grade fiction is to go into as if I was a young reader. I love to take the story at face value, get lost in it, look at it as both a young and an older reader. To me, the best kind of MG fiction is that which can peak the interest of any reader, no matter what the age!

Charming and fun, this is an easy romp in a new world. It did take me a bit to get fully immersed in this story My favorite way to read Middle Grade fiction is to go into as if I was a young reader.

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It did take me a bit to get fully immersed in this story. Being a shorter read, things move very quickly for our young heroes. I found Sara and Sebastian to be very brave and fun to follow. Each a bit impulsive, and yet courageous, watching them navigate this magical land was intriguing. I loved how they played off one another. When one was scared, the other compensated. They were great at coming up with ideas to get out of sticky situations and, when it counted, they were always there for one another. I see a lot young readers will love in these two. The thing that took me a while to get used to was how juvenile the dialogue between these two was.

I don't mean this as a jab. What I mean is that the children come at problems exactly how a young reader might. Their solutions are simple, the fights are minimal, and things move effortlessly from one event to the next. As an older reader, I missed some of the action. I missed having even that minimal amount of tension that keeps me turning pages. Still, to the age group that this is aimed at, I'm sure it will be more than enough. Overall, The Grotto Under the Tree was a quick and fantasy filled read. Young readers who love mermaids, talking animals, and any number of other fantasy elements, will likely fall in step with Sara and Sebastian very easily.

If you have a reader at home who is looking for their next read, give The Grotto Under the Tree a shot. Oct 07, Chris Torretta rated it really liked it.