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The Black Belt Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide for Six SIGMA Success

The author of the book is an established writer in the field of statistics and six sigma. The world today is more service-focused than manufacturing. Therefore, one needs a six sigma reference guide catering to the service sector. Service can be operational in nature. Any type of company from any industry can use the knowledge provided in this book. The book is filled with case studies. These case studies discuss some good examples of the service sector.

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Suggestions for its improvements are also given along. Students can find this book good for academic reference. Professionals will also be able to look at this book from a practical perspective. The book touches upon the following essential aspects of six sigma:.

Basic six sigma concepts like probability and probability distributions are also discussed. Howard Gitlow and Melnyck Richard are the authors of this book. They have left no stone unturned. The book can be easily bought from any renowned bookstore. It can also be ordered online on Amazon.

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This book shows the creative way to deal with the Lean Six Sigma process. It enables you to form and shape your technique as you proceed. This is by making little changes en route that can have a major effect. In this book, one can find the best techniques for sending LSS at each level. The central administrators and every organizational establishment vouch for it.

One gets insights from existing business experts, these experts have led organizations through the LSS process; they narrate the story of how they turned those organizations around. One will figure out how to use the most recent and prominent administration tools. This book is all that one needs. It helps to execute Lean Six Sigma smoothly and successfully.

Many such examples are available in the book. Some good sections concentrate on the methods to execute Lean Six Sigma in services. It gives the directions that guarantee help with the six sigma techniques. The Black Belt Memory Jogger clearly explains the ideas and instruments.

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (8 Tips for Using Analytical Tools)

It discusses topics from Critical Paths to Control Charts. These techniques are discussed in twenty-five definite sections of the book. The book is helpful when it comes to passing the examination. As a speedy reference under the tight course of events, it helps keep the pursuers on track. The Black Belt Memory Jogger is an ideal book for trainers, group trainers. Co-workers can start to construct new levels following this book. Feedbacks were gathered from various six sigma professionals. The book is based on the research of the feedbacks. The comprehensive style of testing knowledge has been used in the book.

This style is adept for college or university students. The book has been written by Govindarajan Ramu, Roderick A. Munro, and Daniel J.

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The authors were awarded the famous Crosby Medal for the book in the year The book proves to be useful for anyone who seeks guidance on six sigma concepts. Industry professionals may find this book easier to refer to. The book particularly helps in passing the six sigma Black Belt exam. The above-mentioned books are sure to sail one through the six sigma examinations.

The Black Belt Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success - PDF Free Download

These books provide knowledge on various topics and tools. Gantt charts, Pareto analysis, and control charts are also discussed in these books. The knowledge provided is from an examination point of view. Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview A low cost tool that can bring you Six Sigma success.

Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Prior to going to school, I worked in all kinds of environments. I love manufacturing. I love the way things are made, and so this has been the perfect fit. How did you get into the process improvement piece of that? Was that part of some schooling? Was that something self-taught, self-learned? I learned a lot from our contract partners.

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Whirlpool Corporation involved us in some pre-production improvement events and activities. Then we had a great friend of Goodwill, through Goodwill International. So in that way, I just continued to learn and develop skills that helped to improve our organization. I know there was some work with some 5S work, some process mapping, maybe value stream mapping work. Can you talk through some of the projects you guys have been working on over the last few years? We worked really hard, we wanted to process donated goods, so that would be clothing items and household items, we wanted to process those as efficiently as we could from the point that they were received so that we could get those items out to our store and generate more sales and that additional revenue could then be reinvested into our mission.

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We worked really hard to study the layout in each store backroom and then we built cross-functional teams to improve the way we process clothing and household items. We talked about some of the problems that we had with team member focus, so we would have team members that were responsible for everything and could be pulled out of production and up to the cash register, so we created production worker positions to just stay focused on processing donated goods. With every improvement event, we would just add to the list of best practices that would help to improve our retail operations.

We dramatically changed the back room layout and really promoted some efficient donation processing.

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  • We used a lot of visual management techniques to alert store managers when priced merchandise needs to be stocked. Sometimes, we would have goods that would hang out in our store backroom that were priced and quality and ready to go out on the floor, so we created this parking lot where we put tape down on the floor. It was in the back room, right before you go out to have it merchandised on the floor.

    When carts would fill up that space, it was a visual trigger to our leadership team to get someone on replenishment and move that material out to the floor.

    After that whole process, which probably took us about a year and a half, almost two years, to get through every store backroom, we did see some great results because we were storing less material in our warehouse, we were getting through those donated goods more quickly. So the results? We were able to reduce the amount of square footage we had to lease in order to house those donated goods.

    We saw some great results and we continue to have 5S events in our store backrooms, led by our retail vice president, in order to sustain workplace organization and stay focused on continuous improvement. On the value stream mapping, we used that process for a couple of events, but one was to improve the completion of our hiring documentation. We hire a lot of people. There was a lot of rework being managed by the human resources team, so we used value stream mapping to figure out where we were going wrong and eliminated some paperwork, consolidated some of the new hire paperwork under the HR team.

    Those are the experts on how to fill out these forms, so we had new hire sessions where we brought all of our team members through and it was managed by HR. Was it the way in which you handled the donations or just setting up some structure there or was it a philosophy about how to handle the donations as they come in or the process there? I can tell you why I think we were successful in making the changes that we made and a big part of that is buy-in and inclusion and providing some Lean training.

    So rather than having leadership sit in an office to make decisions about how we were going to change our processes to get the results we wanted, we went through something that was much more inclusive by building those cross-functional teams.