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Arab Spring: The Awakening of Civil Society. A General Overview

Edna is definitely a more sexual being now than previously in the novel. Before she recoiled at the touch of her closest friend, and now she is indulging in a forbidden kiss, holding Arobin close to prolong the contact. She is also more reserved. Edna takes control of the situation, pushing Arobin away when he begs to see her again, having come to an enlightened state of being, learning from her mistakes and being an active force in her own life.

Edna now makes decisions such as moving out of the house based on what is right for her, choices that will drastically affect her life, doing so with open eyes and a clear head. Both critics accurately describe Edna at some point in the novel. In the beginning of the novel she is impulsive and childlike. Her main inspiration is immediate pleasure and she acts mainly on impulse.

Arab Spring: The Awakening of Civil Society. A General Overview

Edna continues happily along in her life until Robert decides to leave for Mexico. Her bubble of happiness is burst, and she realizes she cannot have both Robert and her current, married life. As she considers the situation, Edna comes to a realization about herself. To make the conscious decision to never be married again, even to the man she loves, is a huge step for Edna. She has finally decided what she wants and is willing to act upon those impulses. Edna has become aware of herself emotionally and physically, realizing she has been looking to the wrong sources her influential, high society husband for fulfillment.

Though her actions are not totally agreeable, they are somewhat noble. Edna totally shuns the commitment she has towards her children for her own selfish reasons. At the same time she is strong enough to declare what she wants and act upon her declaration as almost everyone around her tells her that her actions are totally wrong. In the beginning of the novel Edna is, as Walker suggests, acting without thinking.

The tragedy that befalls Edna is that she has had this awakening, and because of it she desires to reach new heights and do things that no woman has done before. Chopin critiques the society Edna lives in, but also critiques moving away from society. Chopin was being courted by a man, yet she made the decision to remain single and move back in with her mother Toth The main difference between Edna and Chopin is found in their upbringing.

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Edna returns to society awakened and thoroughly changed. When Chopin is presented with pleasure she is able to enjoy it while also remaining emotionally distanced, most likely because she was raised by strong, independent women. She does enjoy these pleasures, but she never lets them rule her life as Edna does.

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A soft, firm, magnetic sympathetic hand clasp is one. A walk through the quiet streets at midnight is another. And then, there are so many ways of saying good night! Chopin enjoyed the company of men, yet unlike Edna let them come and go without becoming overly attached to any of them. Pontellier she is leaving him. But the society that Edna belongs to is based on a very strict set of rules known as the Napoleonic code.

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Women had little rights and were considered property of their husbands. Women had no rights, and were legally bound to do whatever their husbands decided was best. Women of any age whatsoever. Male children who have not attained the age of sixteen years complete. Persons who are insane, deaf, dumb or blind.

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Women were placed on the same legal level as children, invalids and the incarcerated, and notably, they are the first on the list, as if the author wanted to make especially certain that women were included in this law. The society Chopin wrote about and lived in oppresses women in every way possible. Once married, they are transformed into property and have the legal status of a slave. In this society a woman has little hope, other than to pray that the man she marries is kind to her.

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  • She can go back to her husband and children, since a relationship with Robert is now out of the question, or she can live a life of solitude like Mademoiselle Reisz. From what we know of Edna, we know that neither of these options are feasible for her. Therefore Edna is left without any choices.

    Chopin illustrates the price Edna must pay for awakening; she no longer has any viable place in the society she belongs to. Would it have been better for Edna had she never awakened at all? Edna is feminist in nature, but her feminism comes with a price, and not many people are strong enough to endure social ostracizing to enjoy personal freedom. For Edna it had always been a fact that her expectations would never fully be met in marriage, at least not in reality.

    However, as long as her husband openly displayed his great affection towards her, there was no reason to escape into a world of dreams and romance. When she felt respected and loved, she could in turn show adoration and appreciation for her spouse. Hence, her submission to her husband, the one who cherished her, did not weigh so heavy on her shoulders as it was to be later in their partnership. By entering into matrimony, the roles of women and men were determined by their culture.

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    The woman was supposed to see to her task in the domestic sphere, keeping her husband in a good spirit and self sacrificially giving herself up for him. S W Susanne Wrobel Author. Add to cart. Table of contents 1. Introduction 2. Non-conformity to social norms 4. Living an independent life 4.

    Financial independence 4. Ownership of her life 5. Walters, p. Chopin, p. Cooper, p. Sign in to write a comment. Read the ebook. Anglistik - Literatur Women in the Victorian Era.