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As we were walking through the market suq , we were approached by a man carrying a child and holding the hand of another. At first, we thought him to be one of the usual beggars. Instead, he started thanking us for the words we spoke in the Sufi festival he had attended. He then introduced himself as the sheikh of the nearby mosque, not far from our Catholic church and invited us to come his mosque.

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The following evening, without fail, we were there. However, I do think the fact that the people I spoke to accepted such a message from a Christian priest and indicated that they would like to continue such meetings is a positive sign. I am deeply convinced that spirituality is, without doubt, one of the most important aspects of dialogue among religions, and with Islam in particular. It is best to let it blow.

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Since he has been living, studying and teaching in the Arabic Word: Lebanon, the Sudan, and Egypt. He has an Italian nationality. He has given many lectures in different countries.

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  6. His publications amount to ca. Abhishiktananda Centre for Interreligious Dialogue.

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    Monks of Tibherine. Academic programs. Abhishiktananda Seminar, Sahntivanam, Vol IX:2 July - December BR William C. Een kennismaking. Man tu shudam, Tu man shudi, Man tan shudam tu jaan shudi Takas nagoyad ba azeem man deegaram tu deegari. I have become you and you have become me, In my body is your soul, May none say hereafter that you and I are different beings, wrote Amir Khusrau.

    While music and dance, dear to the Indian soul, were anathema to the ulema , they were encouraged in Sufi hospices.

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    Sufi music is full of passionate devotion to God, the unity of body-and-soul and the oneness of mankind. Realising these truths leads to haal or a state of mystic exaltation. The Sufis incorporated aspects of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism and Christianity freely into their teaching.

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    Prosperity Gospel, a controversial strand in global Christianity, relates material wealth to divine blessing.