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It starts with Ren's blunt offer to make Serena his leman and Serena's horrified reaction to this insult! But Ren's is also a clement conqueror who deosn't want to pillage, but to make a home where conquerors and conquered can live in peace and harmony. Obviously Serena doesn't believe it at the beginning, but his actions convince her of his honesty! A weel worth read! On to the next! View 2 comments. As William and his men sweep across the land, The Conqueror gifts his loyal knights with property and English ladies for wives.

The combination of these two gifts allows the Normans to entrench and guard what they have bled for and hopefully ingrain themselves more smoothly into Englis 3. The combination of these two gifts allows the Normans to entrench and guard what they have bled for and hopefully ingrain themselves more smoothly into English's lives. Understandably, a few English women have a problem being gifted to their Norman overlords and flee to seek the veil. Our heroine Serena also flees but not to seek the veil, to hopefully, meet up with her brother Steinar in the north.

For you see, not only has her home been given to The Red Wolf, a fearsome legendary Norman knight, but also her hand in marriage. Alas, Serena flees too late and is caught by the Wolf's men and brought back. However, with the aid of some walnut hair dye and her people's silence she pretends to be Sarah, the handmaiden to the escaped Lady Serena.

Renaud, The Red Wolf, is clueless to the fact that his intended is right under his nose and is starting to harbor some inappropriate feelings for Sarah, a mere servant. While Serena is starting to find her hidden identity a very heavy burden with every act of mercy Renuad shows her people and every tingle of pleasure she feels in his presence.

I don't know if this is considered the extra mile or what but all of it combines to fully immerse you into the past and world Ms. Walker has created. The time period really did steal the show for me. The tensions of the time are felt as conquerors and the conquered must now learn to live together, especially our leads Serena and Renuad. The flow is a little disjointed at bits as blocks of time are skipped through and to and the characters almost seemed like actors on a stage performing everything by rote.

This could be looked at as story growing pains as the relationship and romance aspect ramped up in the second half of the book with the reveal of Serena's identity. Even though Serena has a couple "the lady doth protest too much" instances, you really feel for her. Her uncertainty and conflicted emotions about who she is actually betraying in the end by denying her feelings for Renuad create quite a few heartfelt moments.

Renaud was a nice change of pace from the usual sword thrusting rape threatening male lead typically found in medievals. He is the boss but acknowledges the need to form good, strong lasting relationships with the people of his domain; Renaud is a strong armed knight with a gentle grip. Each time he treats her people with respect, the reader can see Serena fall in love with him a little bit more. Serena and Renuad have a gentle romance that clashes wonderfully with the outside atmosphere of bitter strife.

There are also a couple secondary romances, with one being resolved and another that will probably be the star of the show in a following book in the series. The romance involving the past mistress to Serena's father and one of Renaud's knights had some particular aching moments involving not feeling worthy enough that had me wanting to see more from this couple. For the most part though, the secondary characters helped move the story along but never stole the spotlight from our leads. As newly published medievals are pretty rare, the excellent attention to detail and emotional feeling, in regards to the time period, Ms.

Walker has created make The Red Wolf's Prize a strong addition to the romantic retellings of William the Conqueror and his knights. View all 9 comments. Especially heroes who claim to be honorable, boasting about how he forbids his men to rape, yet basically does it himself! He technically doesn't rape, but definitely molests, forces, demands. He forces the h multiple times to kiss him even when she pushes him away and clearly says no. Of course her "traitorous body" compels her to put aside her hatred of him and return his kisses.

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This happens multiple times, each time he takes it further. All the while she says no, yet he doesn't stop. He also goes to her while she's asleep, with the intention of taking what he wants, again without permission, but falls asleep. The fact he is "Choosy" with the women he beds, "hasn't had a woman for a while," and doesn't take any wenches is irrelevant to me. I still don't like him.

No means no. The heroine irked me as well. She failed escape twice. Once on foot when she had the best chance to escape choosing not to take a horse , the second time, she delayed a day, turned down the offer for an escort to help her , leaving the hero catch up to her by riding all through the night on this un-tire able horse. She's suppose to have superior hearing yet didn't notice him when he came upon her in the forest Overall, I found the story repetitive, the history boring, and the characters flat.

Borderline cartoonish. The old wise man.. All he seems to do is walk around smirking and staring with his "blue eyes. Not enjoying this at all. The hero is past redeemable and the heroine is dim witted. View all 11 comments. Oct 05, Julie rated it it was amazing Shelves: medieval , historical-fiction , e-book , historical-romance , author-request.

I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Has anyone else been wondering what happened to Medieval romance? Are we destined to read of Earls and Dukes forever? Will there never again be a historical romance with depth, true authenticity, emotion, and the guts to portray life in the times that were fraught with war and danger?

I for one was past ready to read a historical romance with some meat on its bones. If you have been missing these types of romances too, then your wait is over. This book was just what I have been waiting for. Renaud was given the lands of the English Talisand by the king as a reward. The lands were once owned by an Engish Thegn who was slain in battle. He left behind a castle and beautiful daughter named Serena. Serena was promised to Renaud along with the lands and castle. Before he arrives to claim his stake and his bride, Serena vows she will never wed a Norman.

To avoid this fate she will take desperate measures. When Renaud arrives in Talisand and discovers his intended has fled, he finds a servant girl that captures his interest. He pursues her relentlessly only to be spurned over and over. But, soon Renaud begins to suspect something is going on with the servant girl who is deadly accurate with a bow and knife and can sing like an angel. Then the truth hits him right between the eyes. Now the warrior is more determined than ever to claim his bride- not just her body but her heart as well.

This book has everything you could hope for in a historical romance. It was like a soothing balm to once more read a Medieval tale that took me away to a time long ago where everything around me just fell to the wayside and I was completely absorbed with ladies of honor, pride, boldness and tenacity. Warriors with valor and loyalty who inspired others in their wake. The brutality of war and the emotional tug of war Serena fought within herself as she suffered the loss of her lands and watched helplessly as William tore through English lands burning and pillaging everything in sight.

Her heart ached with the loss and fear for her brother , leaving her to feel disloyal to to her people, her brother, and her father's memory as she slowly falls in love with her Norman husband. This book is so well researched and I am so happy to see an author learn her subject and the era in which she chooses to write.

The language was authentic, the actions true to the times, no modern slang or terms, which I absolutely loath, and was as accurately depicted as our modern world will allow. My eyes stung with tears as I struggled along with Serena and her fight to find a common ground with her warrior husband. How difficult this must have been for her.

Renaud was realistically depicted as he made no excuses or apologies for the war to his bride, but was sensitive to her feelings nonetheless. While this was not a likely love match, the two find that despite all the differences between them, each respected the other and the love they shared was the the most powerful weapon of all. Beautifully written, perfectly paced, action packed, with a passionate and epic love affair Oct 19, Anne rated it it was amazing. A wonderful medieval romance, full of action romance and memorable characters.

A feisty heroine and a great male hero. Story is very well written too. Highly recommended. View 1 comment.

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Sep 13, Jenny rated it really liked it Shelves: steamy , made-me-swoon. After the death of her father Serena can not believe that the king has given her to one of his knights. Renaud is eager to marry her out of duty to his king but also because he deeply desires her.

Serena falls in love with her charming husband but she is torn between her love for her people and her love for her husband. Great medieval romance! Hero was kind, gentle and swoon worthy! She knows just what the discerning HR-reader wants. The depth of her research is a gold-standard that writers of HR should strive for, but sadly many of them don't bother.

The quality of Walker's period detail and how she uses the information that she has uncovered in her study of this period is just what I like. What I like from a HR writer is to create for me the illusion that I am experiencing life as it was lived in the past through a novel.

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This author accomplished this in spades. This book should be required reading for people who are new to the genre to see how its books should be done written and perhaps demand more from superstar-authors of the genre and improve the overall quality of what is available to read.

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View all 3 comments. Sep 04, Barbee rated it it was amazing. The Red Wolf's Prize is an absolutely spectacular medieval read! Totally got swept off my feet! Loved it! Beware this book is definitely one for the keeper shelf as it was captivating, fascinating and yet charming and enchanting at the same time!

I love when medieval romance fiction authors incorporate some real history in their unique, original, imaginative books. Which is a big part of why I love reading historical romance genre so much! This book was fast paced with many twists WOW! This book was fast paced with many twists and turns which I personally love and makes a really 'fun read. This is my first time reading Regan Walker, but it definitely won't be the last, I really love her style of writing.

This both is set in medieval England , a couple years after the infamous conquest which earned him the name William The Conqueror. When King William I,,the Conqueror and Duke of Normandy has pretty much conquered England, but still needs to put some rebellious Saxon's in their place that still won't accept him as King.

As he still wants to put them in their place and puts his stamp all over England by building these humongous castles. This is to remind everyone who is the King they must swear their fealty and allegiance to. He awards the Saxon's titles, lands and sometimes their heiress daughters as well to his Knights, as rewards for being ever faithful and fighting for him.

In this book the hero is Norman Sir Renaud de Pierrepont also known as the "Red Wolf after killing a wolf with his bare hands and always wearing the red pelt in battle which most of his foe's tried to avoid as he has the reputations of being unbeaten and fearless warrior in battle. Sir Renaud is now was awarded by King William the Conqueror a new holding, title and lands as the new Norman lord and Earl of Talisand.

Which also includes a Saxon bride, whom is Serena of Talisand whom was the former Theigns daughter, the beloved Theign , whom was killed at Battle of Hastings. This new Norman lord might of killed the Theign of Talisand by his own sword for all the former Theign's heiress daughter knew. The Saxon Bride-To- Be and heroine of this story is Serena of Talisand they who hates and despises all Normans and refuses to marry her peoples enemy a Norman! Serena will not acknowledge or bow to the bastard King after killing her father, and so many people of of the English.

Serena needs to escape and hide which isn't very easy with her pale blonde hair and violet eyes. She also fears for her women servants in her keep, as rape is known to be prevalent along with ravaging their keeps and lands by burning them to the ground. This is known among some of these Norman invaders, she doesn't know her husband to be one who forbids any of this type of behavior from any of his men which is against his rules. To break his rules the punishment is severe too. Serena, whom had no taste to take the veil as some of the titled daughters have to avoid a marriage to a Norman.

As Serena still has dreams of becoming a wife and mother one day and married to a Saxon too, no matter how unrealistic that might be. So it is decided she is to be disguised as a servant with her flaxen hair dyed a flat brown to hide her hair and escape to try to follow her brother and former King into Scotland. The problem is she had never been one for womanly pursuits as she is probably the best archer is England though she can sing like an angel but she knows nothing of needle point etc, cooking, cleaning, but can hunt game with her precision with her arrows.

As she develops feelings for this Norman Serena is conflicted and feels she is betraying her family and people. What will she do? Meet with her brother in Scotland or confront and act on her feelings what she feels in her heart toward this handsome knight? As Serena's servants and people of Talisand are all in on Serena's disguiuse which all her people keep secret too.

When Renaud sees her he is instantly attracted to to the servant called Sarah which is highly I unusual for him as he is teased and called Priest by his fellow Knight. He does notice that Sarah does not act like a servant he starts to putting the pieces together. Yet even though you feel the chemistry Serena tries so hard to deny, yet she does enjoys his kisses and companionship.

What will happen when Renaud realizes her deception? Will he be furious? Force her to his will? This book has so many elements in it too mystery, suspense, betrayal, unrequited love. I loved many of the secondary characters such as Jamie the orphan, Cassie, Serena's best friend and handmaiden and some of the knights such as Sir Maurin, Sir Geoffroi, and Sir Alain whom were very endearing characters as well.

I adored Mauris the wise one whom seems to have the sight and bit of a sly fox too if you ask me.

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This wonderful book will be released on October 1st. Not planning to read. Dawn wrote a great review with info. Jul 02, Kat Desi rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-romance. Aug 31, Janice Hougland rated it it was amazing. Loved every page of it Walker's writing just keeps getting better and better.

In this story she has a formidable conquering Norman knight Renaud aka The Red Wolf taking ownership of the lands and manors of an English lady Serena And then the sparks begin to fly! The hijinks of Lady Serena as she fights her attraction for Renaud There are bad guys and action aplenty that kept this reader riveted to the pages until the end. The Epilogue and Author's Note included at the end of the story were a wonderful treat to read as well. An unpublished copy of this book was given to me by the author for an honest review I read the sample. That kind of dialogue format tends to irritate me big time Bertrice Small's highland stuff, Johanna Lindsey's medievals , so unless there are trashtastic lolz to offset it then it's not likely to keep me entertained enough to press on.

Tant pis. View all 16 comments. Sep 10, Lover of Romance rated it really liked it Shelves: genre-historical-romance. I have adored Regan Walker for years, from reading her blog and reviews on Goodreads and then was thrilled when I saw that she had become an author!!

She knows her stuff about history so I have always been intrigued about her work. First off, I will say that this book was brilliant with the historical authenticity. I was very impressed since its obvious how much research that Regan Walker put into this book. The story brings us back to the , England. This book features a Norman knight for our hero and a Saxon lady for our heroine. This is set admidt the conquering of England by King William and the strife and tension that England was full of during this period of time.

As a reward to his knight, Renaud de Pierrepont or also known as "The Red Wolf" he offers him a land, castle and the lady for his wife, the Lady of Talisand. Serena has lost her father, and her brother she hasn't heard from in ages, the land is on fire after a year of battling with the Normans. When she hears that the Normans are coming to take over her land and that the Red Wolf is seeking her to be his wife.

She is terrified, and even though she isn't afraid to fight, she also knows of the rumors of the Normans and their brutality and the rumors of them raping women throughout England. She refuses to bow down to the Red Wolf or King William, and so she flees. But through a set of circumstances she is brought back and hides herself as a servant. There is a sexual tension between Renaud and Serena, but even though Serena is drawn to Renaud, she is also battling with her own loyalties to her Saxon country and kin.

Does Serena choose love or duty in her loyalties It is unwise, my child, to look too long behind you, else you will miss the future that lies before you. The Red Wolf's Prize was a fantastic beginning and I was drawn so easily into this story. I just adored this book and boy I miss medieval romances like this one here. There just aren't enough of them. I was captivated by this book. The first thing that I really noticed was the way that Regan Walker sets up the story and we get some great details and descriptions and I thought that they were very well done.

We get a great background on our hero and I loved seeing his strength and courage.

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Our hero is so wonderful I loved his friendship with his men and how devoted he is to his King and seeing to the well being of those he cares for the most. Now our heroine was quite unique, I liked her quite a bit, not my favorite heroine at times, but she redeemed herself in many different ways. She isn't your run of the mill medieval heroine. She is quite tenacious and determined and has a talent with a bow. She has fighting spirit you admire. I will be honest, at the beginning I had a hard time with her character in some ways. I found it odd that she would just run away, when that isn't in her nature to do so and the more we get to know her, you realize that she is way stronger than she appears in the beginning.

I found the romance to be so endearing and sweet at times, we do have a enemies to lovers trope going on, but also at first the heroine isn't showing the hero her true self, she hides many parts of her personality from him because she is posing as a maid and not as the chatelaine. We see how loyal her people are to her, and try to protect her from the Red Wolf finding out her true identity.

Then we have a mix up in the plot and their love and trust is tested but it works out in the end and the ending was so poignant. I found The Red Wolf's Prize to be a sensational read that spans the centuries and makes the era come alive for the reader Now is one of the times when I wish Goodreads had half stars. Gosh, I wanted to love this one so much! I just can't seem to find a medieval romance that can give me what I want.

For historical accuracy, The Red Wolf's Prize gets all the points. Walker paid great attention to detail, even down to the use of knives and spoons as utensils since they hadn't been introduced in England yet , and the author talks about her research in the author's note. I'm still hung up on the fact that there were zero Now is one of the times when I wish Goodreads had half stars.

I'm still hung up on the fact that there were zero dogs. It's the Middle Ages, and I'm supposed to believe that there are no lanky hounds the size of toddlers roaming around and sitting under tables? Where the book falls short, though, is that I think there is too much of a focus on history and politics. I didn't exactly understand the relationship development between the H and h. They never actually talk about their various issues. Serena starts out despising Renaud because he's a Norman and she's a Saxon, and she's also been given to him as a bride by William of Normandy.

She hates him but thinks he's hot, and then they get married for real and fall in love but still don't entirely trust each other. The romance aspect was left underdeveloped because I think the author was trying to pack too much history stuff into a relatively short book. Oh, well. Holy Norman conquest! This is a Medieval fan's dream tale! A Norman Knight and an English Lady! I could not put this wickedly delicious tale of courage, deception, romance and seduction down for one moment. Fast paced and paced with action,determination,danger, and love.

Well written with an intriguing storyline and engaging characters. The sparks particularly fly off the pages between Sir Renaud de Pierrepont,the Norman Knight given the Lady Serena, the heiress of Talisand and her beloved home as his reward for his service to King William. Lady Serena, disguises herself as a servant girl, to deceive her newly betrothed Norman Knight.

This is a must read tale of the coming together of the Saxons and the Normans, the sacrifices made and rewards gained by each. The Saxons' struggles to come to terms with being conquered and their desire to have peace with the Normans. With the right mixture of romance with danger and seduction you do not want to miss "The Red Wolf's Prize"! I would highly recommend this title to anyone who enjoys not only Medieval tales, but tales of romance, and intrigue.

I absolutely loved this tale and look forward to the next installment in this awesome read. Well done! Dec 21, Donna rated it it was amazing. I enjoyed this book very much. I have recently read the author's novellas but this is the first book of hers that I have read. It is well written and kept me interested. To the best of my memory, from long ago history classes, the historical events were accurate. The characters were ones you grew to care about and I look forward to a few of them having their own stories.

If you like medieval romance I highly recommend this book. Sep 17, Aisling Zena marked it as to-read. Free on amazon. Mar 28, Cocktails and Books rated it it was amazing. Lady Serena of Talisand has already lost so much. She lost her father to war. She lost her brother when he left to join the rebellion. I loved her character, and I immediately became vested in her happiness.

She was more concerned about others than herself. He was loyal, caring, humble, and fierce in battle. He dealt with Serena in a very sympathetic but firm manner. He was wise in the way he handled King William, but he protected his wife and their people from harm. I loved him as a hero in this story. He had a difficult job, but he readily accepted his lot and made the best of it.

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The chemistry between the two of them was off the charts. It was definitely a passionate union. The storyline kept me engaged and entertained. I followed every twist and turn in the plot with great interest. I felt conflicted as Serena fell more in love with her husband and sought to protect the interests of her family and the people of Talisand. I literally held my breath as I read the battlefield scene. When Callum fails to return, Maggie does what any resourceful Highland lass would do.

Damsels in shining armor…riding to the rescue! After consolidating his gains against the enemy English, King Robert the Bruce of Scotland sends his best soldiers to fortify the lawless borders. These legendary warriors of the Highland Guard let nothing come before king and country—except the calling of their heart. Illegitimate yet thoroughly irresistible, the Renegade Royals are leaving behind their careers as daring spies for the greatest adventure of all… At sixteen, Alasdair Gilbride, heir to a Scottish earldom, fled the Highlands and an arranged betrothal.

Ten years later, Alasdair must travel home to face his responsibilities. Among the fray is a lovely young widow who possesses rare and special gifts. A high price to pay for someone whose mother taught her just how dangerous a marriage could be. Springing my best friend from the psych ward. Occupied coffins. Finding Mr. Please make him tall, dark, handsome, and alive. Scotland, Marriage between clans is a matter of property and power, rarely love. When at last she agrees to a betrothal, it quickly goes awry, leaving Katherine alone in the wilds.

One scandal was never enough. After four long years, Morgan MacCraig has finally returned to the Highlands of his birth. But now, by request of the king, Sir Adham MacFinlagh, a brazen stranger and outsider unlike anyone she has met before, is to be her husband. But when his responsible, steady older brother Ian announces his engagement to their childhood friend Rebecca, Callum makes a startling discovery: he wants the lovely young lass for himself. Elizabeth St. Claire has always been hard to please. Dreaming solely of Highlander men her whole life, no prancing London Lord can stand a chance at winning her heart… …But perhaps a Scotsman can.

Elizabeth watches intrigued as the Highlander of her dreams, a Scotsman named Hamish Robb, arrives to oversee her season at the behest of her cousin, the Duke of Caithness. Bold, headstrong, beautiful: the perfect bride for a lusty Scots warrior. He might be able to convince her, too, if she would hear his suit. Under threat of losing their home, she and her clan take to the seas to sell a shipload of illegal whiskey.

When an attack leaves them vulnerable, she transforms from a maiden daughter to a clever warrior. The last surviving member of her family, Alainna MacLaren is heiress to the rich properties of Kinlochan and chief of Clan Laren, whose ranks have been decimated by a centuries-old feud with a neighboring clan. Desperate to protect her clan, she asks the king to choose a husband for her who is both a mighty warrior and one who will consent to take her surname so that her family name will not die out.

His vow to avenge his brother has led him to the MacPherson clan—and their bewitching healer, Amber. Mia Jones, the ultimate pop culture fangirl, is no exception. The fact that the obnoxious, yet hot, and definitely sexy Highlander sees the world very differently than she does, is beside the point. In this stunning series starter by USA Today bestselling author May McGoldrick, meet the new generation of Penningtons…five brothers and sisters of passion and privilege.

Enter their aristocratic world…where each will fight injustice and find love. She has nothing left to fear—not even the bitter, dangerously handsome Scot due to marry her young charge. Naive wallflower Avaline is terrified to wed Rabbie Mackenzie, but if he sends her home, she will be ruined. With danger closing in from all sides, Abigail Jenson works tirelessly to protect her small Missouri farm.

New York City socialite and perpetual hot mess Portia Hobbs is tired of disappointing her family, friends, and—most importantly—herself. Rugged highlander Graeme has one thing on his mind—take a stand against the horrible Englishman Lattimer and he will be rewarded with enough money to be set for life.

But when his reckless younger brothers take it one step too far and kidnaps a young woman on her way to see Lattimer, Graeme has to intervene. He cannot send the lady back without his kin getting in trouble. The illegitimate daughter of the Prince Regent might be expected to pursue various dubious professions. Even courtesan. Victoria Knight, however, has become a governess—a respectable choice, until she travels to Scotland to meet her new charges. Englishwoman, Grace Ellington, has made a home in Scotland, but to escape from the meddling people around her who seem to think she needs to wed right away—because women need saving, right?

Keir MacKinnon, the younger brother of the MacKinnon clan chief, has been raised to strike fear in people, on and off the battlefield. The Scottish Highlands in endure grievous hardships under the rule of an English king. She cannot resist the man behind the mask… As the illegitimate daughter of a Scottish earl, Lady Magdalen Keith is not one to partake in lavish balls or other frivolities. Ten years later, with King Henry I dead and the English succession in chaos, Waryk, the newly knighted Laird Lion, is once again fighting for his Scottish homeland—this time against Normans and Vikings alike.

Kresley Cole introduces a thrilling new romance trilogy featuring fierce Scottish brothers with dangerous lives, dark desires, and a deadly curse. Can he exact revenge? Can she deny her passions? Five boys destined to become Highland lairds are fostered together as brothers. Darach, Lachlan, Callum, Gavin and Kerr fight for their clans, for each other, and for their own true loves. When forced to choose between duty and honor… Darach MacKenzie vowed never again to let a woman near his heart after his betrothed betrayed him. It sparked an intense feud between his clan and the Frasers. Alasdair Penhallow, laird of his clan and master of Castle Tadgh, is forced to end his carefree bachelorhood, thanks to an ancient decree that requires him to marry.

But for the women who love them, a hint of danger only makes the heart beat faster. Gavin St. Raised with rowdy brothers in a notorious border clan, Rose has plenty of experience fighting and thieving—and practically none when it comes to matters of decorum and discretion. Isle of Mull, Scotland She will protect her identity with her very life if necessary. Who will protect her from herself? When he awakens, he cannot rid his mind of her startling beauty, her valor, or the secret fear he glimpsed in her steel eyes. Second in a passionate, fast-paced Scottish Highlander romance series from critically acclaimed author Amanda Forester A conquering hero Cormac Maclean would rather read than rampage, but his fearsome warlord father demands that he prove himself in war.

Cormac chooses what he thinks is an easy target, only to encounter a fiery Highland lass leading a doomed rebellion and swearing revenge on him. Though part of a legacy of time-traveling sisters, Lilia Sinclair is planted firmly in twenty-first-century Edinburgh. When Akira Ayres finds the brawny Scot with a musket ball in his thigh, the healer has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to save his life. Even if it means fleeing with him across the Highlands to tend to his wounds while English redcoats are closing in.

Ewan McCabe, the eldest, is a warrior determined to vanquish his enemy. Now, with the time ripe for battle, his men are ready and Ewan is poised to take back what is his—until a blue-eyed, raven-haired temptress is thrust upon him. In order to take his place as heir to the chiefdom of Culrain, he must choose a wife within the month or have one chosen for him. Raised to despise the Douglas name, Mared outwardly agrees to the marital bargain for the sake of her family; secretly, she concocts a plan to ensure Payton will not wish to marry her.

Scotland, When a fellow warrior challenges him to a kissing contest, he wastes no time in planting his lips on ninety-nine lovely lasses-an impressive feat of seduction that gets him banished to the hinterlands. They call him the Demon Highlander. The fearsome Lieutenant Colonel Liam MacKenzie is known for his superhuman strength, towering presence, and fiery passion in the heat of battle.

As Laird to the MacKenzie clan, the undefeated Marquess has vanquished his foes with all rage and wrath of his barbaric Highland ancestors. A wicked attraction!