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Please turn it on so that you can experience the full capabilities of this site. Your browser currently is not set to accept Cookies. Please turn it on or check if you have another program set to block cookies. You can find shipping and return information here. Bag 0. View all Backpacks Crossbody Bags. Made to Order Couture Andreas Kronthaler. Gifts and Homeware Books. Selected colour. OneSize Notify me when available. This item is currently not available. Redford is set on helping Chloe through the neatly printed list she created to "get a life", but along the way we can also see Chloe helping Redford processing unresolved issues.

Redford Morgan was… charming. So charming. The man is obsessed with the prickly, arrogant next door woman. And secret mutual fascination. I loved watching them fall for each other. I adored watching them try not to. Kiss him! SO good! So hot!

Get a Life, Chloe Brown

With all these new illustrated covers flooding the romance genre I feel a content warning or rather a warrant of "hotness" is needed. Personally I love illustrated covers but they are kind of misleading. Not that I mind the later… On the contrary. I had to get my breathing in check several times, I could hear myself deep breathing through some scenes, LOL. But nevertheless the sentence gave me pause. It read at first like he was rolling on a condom using gritted teeth.

So, yes, it got me out of the scene for a moment. View all 4 comments. I absolutely loved this book, it had enemies to lovers excellence! I knew when reading this i would love it just by how well her relationship with her family was shown, most of my favorite books have the best family relationships. The smut scenes were so steamy that i had to put the book down a few times in a good way if i could blush i definitely would be reading those scenes.

I also really enjoyed the ending because with most contemporary romances they end with characters being married, getting proposed to or having a kid and this ending had none of that which made me grateful. This book was so amazing and i absolutely can not wait for the sequel next summer. Jun 01, K. Charles added it Shelves: m-f , romcom , contemporary. A pure exuberant delight. I loved this book. It's just terrific. A romcom where the hero is really suffering the aftereffects of emotional abuse--not suffering in that Romance Hero "I will be emotionally cold and an alpha dick" way, but actually really hurt, emotionally vulnerable, can be triggered, and is nevertheless not in the slightest inclined to take it out on other people or to blame All Women for one abusive relationship.

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How rare. The heroine is fat 15 stone! Actually fat! This could in other hands have been a book about wounded people healing each other but it's not--it's a book about two joyful people finding joy together, and opening themselves up to more joy in their lives. Red can't make Chloe well, obviously, but he can help "fill in the gaps"--do the things she can't when necessary--and Chloe can do the same for him as he continues his healing.

It's a wonderfully healthy emotionally supportive relationship that doesn't make false promises. And grown up. Red screws up because he's triggered by something--and realises that for himself, and apologises without being told to do so. Chloe understands and forgives, but nevertheless needs him to deal with his issues himself because she has a healthy sense of self preservation. It's also hilarious--Chloe in particular has a gloriously sardonic perception of the world--and it bounces along, and it will just make you feel better. Exactly what a romance should be. I loved it. I had an ARC from the author because I am a jammy cow.

Aug 29, Kayla Brunson rated it liked it Shelves: read-in , romance , arc. Am I actually reviewing a Talia Hibbert book? If you are a frequent reader of my reviews then you know that I have read and DNFed three of her books so far. So you are probably wondering why in the hell did I pick this up. What really kept me reading here was the dry humor and witty banter. There was so much banter! Between Chloe and Red, Chloe and her sisters, and even Chloe and her grandmother.

I adored it! It makes me want to invite myself over for tea. As far as character wise goes, I did run into a problem with Chloe. I can honestly see how she came off as an uptight person to Red. I know, she has a chronic illness. Sometimes you just wanted to shake him so that he could get out of his own head. This is own voices, talks about chronic illness, and even has an interracial relationship. There is so much here and it was good to see! So did I enjoy it? I thought it was okay. Nothing here wowed me or made me swoon.

There is some great diversity and great humor. Blog Instagram Twitter I will be reviewing, but wanted to say that I loved this, and it wrecked me. Jul 27, Lauren The Novel Lush rated it it was amazing. RTC a little later :. Jul 15, Angelica rated it liked it Shelves: read , romance , arc , release , review-to-come.

Let it be known that I made the horrible, ill-adviced decision of starting this book on a Sunday night. And even now, looking back, I regret nothing. All opinions are my own. Sep 14, b. I'm in the process of writing a glowing review for Library Journal, so these are more my raw thoughts. I'm absolutely going to be picking up a finished copy and urge everyone to do so as well! Such a delight, I'm just so pleased to see one of my favorites get a wide release.

Talia Hibbert never shies away from difficult topics but always in a way that never makes you feel despair. Seeing a character with chronic illness get their HEA is important. Seeing a character who is emotionally abused and I'm in the process of writing a glowing review for Library Journal, so these are more my raw thoughts.

Seeing a character who is emotionally abused and find their way to therapy and their own HEA is important. Seeing people who are very much like us, very much different than us, or a mix of both, is important. Talia Hibbert does all of this with sparkling wit, humor, and sensitivity.

Talia provides CW at the beginning of her books, but the ones that stood out to me I've described above. May 24, Naima Simone rated it it was amazing. So yes, I went into this book with very high expectations And this book exceeded all of them. Chloe Brown suffers a "my life just flashed before my eyes and I'm boring as hell" moment as a car just misses crashing into her on one of her daily walks.

Though she is chronically ill and suffers from the pain of Fibromyalgia, she's determined to live her best life. First up, she moves out of the mansion of her loving but hovering family and into her own apartment.

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There she meets the building's big, tatted, hot superintendent, Redford "Red" Morgan. Red took the job as superintendent of his best friend's building because he's in the middle of figuring out how to get his own life and art career back on track after it all flamed out once he finally left an abusive relationship with a spoiled, connected wealthy woman. It's not a bad job, but he keeps bumping into Chloe Brown, the new tenant who reminds him of his ex with her haughty, rich girl, posh mannerisms and attitude. Only thing is he's so damn hot for Chloe. From her blue-framed glasses, to her beautiful eyes and ornate, gorgeous face and the thick body with its lush curves--he wants her.

And he could kick himself for it. Because hadn't he learned his lesson already about how women like her viewed rough, poor, unsophisticated men like him? The rescue of a cat from a tree sparks an uneasy truce, an agreement of Red helping Chloe tick off the items on her list, and eventually a friendship between the two.

Though the undercurrents of need always hums between them--especially when he catches her spying on him painting half-naked , both have their reasons for being wary. Red has been there and done that. Chloe has, too--she once had an active social life, friends and a fiancee who all eventually abandoned her, and not always kindly, because of her illness. But Red infiltrates those barriers, and they are left having to decide if love is worth the pain of loving and being vulnerable again.

This book. Talia Hibbert has a way of writing the funniest, most charming and flawed characters. And in this book, she takes it to the next level.

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  • Through Chloe, we're given a glimpse into the lives of those who suffer from Fibromyalgia. It's an important element to Chloe because this disease once hobbled her life, but now she manages it, and refuses to let it limit her. It made her one of the most unique characters I've ever read, and she will definitely be one of the most memorable.

    Get a Life, Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert

    Red is one of the most lovable heroes I've read. He's patient, kind, talented, wounded and so giving. The two of them together are adorable, hilarious, exciting, passionate and wonderful. They were the very solid foundation of this book, but the cast of secondary characters were the decorative, beautiful, fanciful support system. I absolutely loved them--especially the women. Just WOW. Women from several walks of life who were all strong, loving, independent and successful. This book was a serious lesson in Girl Power.

    The writing itself--I highlighted so many sentences, pieces of dialogue and phrases that made me press my hand to my chest and really wish I'd written it. Just beautiful. It tickled my funny bone even as it pulled on the toughest strings of my heart. Talia Hibbert outdid herself with this one. And I am already waiting impatiently for Dani's book! I've thought before that Talia Hibbert can do no wrong when it comes to her books. Rounding up from 3. This is a bit of enemies to friends to lovers story. Red is the property manager where Chloe lives, and they definitely get off on the wrong foot when they meet.

    But, one thing leads to another, and before you kn Rounding up from 3. Overall, I enjoyed this one.

    I do think I wanted to see more of Chloe and how she deals with her fibromyalgia. Her friends left, but why? She cut them off or because they found it too difficult to maintain a friendship with her? With Red, we got some idea of what his abusive relationship was like but I think the story could have dug deeper. Also, I really wanted to see more of his relationship with his mum. We only got a little glimpse, but it was made clear that she was an important person in his life. I did like how Chloe and Red actually talked to each other.

    They were truthful and open, which may be why the story feels like it lacked conflict? I'm not sure. I really related to Chloe in some ways. And I think many people will find that relatable. A lot of novels with curvier or plus size women make the women not like themselves or doubt the attraction of the love interest. If that makes sense. And I freaking love that. I will most definitely be reading more by Talia Hibbert.

    Trigger warnings: physically and verbally abusive relationship not shown on the page, but described some time after it occurred I received a free copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Jul 29, Lisa Remarkablylisa rated it really liked it Shelves: july I had my doubts about this one when I first read the synopsis because I've had difficulty with characters like Chloe. You know, the socially inept ones who don't have many friends and do things routinely and basically live in a shell and hardly go out.

    Regardless, reader. I liked Chloe Brown. I did not think she was annoying and I didn't want to throttle her. Well, not a lot anyways. She was very secretive about her health issues, past relationship trauma, and basically her personal life to Red when they first started talking and interacting but then you get them slowly telling each other about themselves and it's magical.

    Their love is a slow-burn for sure. Something that will make you want to read more and more. I really liked Red's story line as well. After being stuck in a manipulative relationship with physical and emotional abuse, Red's going through some stuff just like Chloe. He's kind, talented in painting, and loved by everyone in the building he manages.

    Red just needs a bit of help to get him back into the relationship department and I'm glad Talia Hibbert did a fantastic job at resolving his issues.

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    I cried at the ending of this book and wanted to scream at them both for making silly billy mistakes and jumping the gun but overall, it was enjoyable. Aug 11, Ali rated it it was amazing. Well, damn, that was an enjoyable read. Adorable, unexpected, and steaming hot! Chloe lives her life carefully. She exists with chronic pain. Physically, but also some emotional pain that lingers from hurt inflicted by people in her past. A near death sort of experience shakes her to the point of wanting to change.

    To live. She makes a list, a set of goals or sorts, and sets of to 'get a life'. Redford has his own set of baggage. Lingering issues from a past relationship. It's hard for him to t Well, damn, that was an enjoyable read. It's hard for him to trust, it's hard for him take risks and it's hard for him to pursue the things he desires. When these two are thrown together it is a bit like oil and water. If oil and water actually secretly lusted after each other.

    Because these two do, greatly, but their walls are so thick it's hard to find a crack for that lust to creep through and turn into something more. But when it does. Chloe and Red are, hands down, my two favorite characters of the year so far. There is an email thread at one point that had me grinning like the Cheshire! The personality traits each had was what I found so unexpected. Hibbert has written this in a sort of role reversal from traditional romance, and I so appreciated that.

    For what a sweet and funny read it still absolutely delivered on the hotness scale. The moments are few again, appreciated but they are stellar. I also loved that Hibbert allowed these characters to really talk. Too often we find books that gloss over the importance of discussing vulnerabilities or the couple goes through a breakup and then it's resolved with just a grand gesture and quick apology.

    That doesn't always work for me and I'm glad Hibbert respected her characters enough to deliver more. Now I'm off to read everything Hibbert has ever written! Across her apartment complex lives Red, the super sexy superintendent that likes to paint shirtless and he has his own issues to overcome. As Red and Chloe agree to help each other and in doing that they both discover a better life.

    However, that better life isn't easy and they have bumps in the road. This specific video review will be included in the July wrap-up. Jun 26, Jacqueline Francis rated it it was amazing. This book blew me away! What an exceptional story. I adored Chloe Brown. And don't get me started on Red. What a dreamboat. I could totally relate to the narrator. The writing was exceptional.

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    I laughed out loud and maybe teared up just a little. I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    • Aug 30, Kerry rated it it was amazing. I love love loved this book. An enemies-to-lovers story with tons of witty banter seriously, I highlighted so many quotes but enough deep emotion that I almost cried. Jul 08, Elley Murray rated it it was amazing Shelves: plus-sized-herione , enemies-to-lovers , romance , diverse-author , neighbors-to-lovers , disability-chronic-illness-rep , contemporary-romance , edelweiss , favorites , opposites-attract. Chloe Brown is a fat black woman with a chronic illness, and I love her. I have my beefs with illustrated covers, but I do feel like they're serving to sort of nudge open the door to some more diverse voices for characters who, to some marketers' way of thinking, "won't look as good" on a more traditional cover.

      This book is so everything. I absolutely adore Chloe's dry-as-a-desert wit. And her vast collection of notebooks. Also, I love how she is a fat heroine and the book really has nothing to do with her being fat. I had to look up what 15 stone was in pounds about and was so happy she's actually FAT, not just, like, a size 14 and then agonizing about needing to be thinner. Chloe's weight really doesn't come up much at all, it's just one more descriptor about her - and when it does come up, it's usually Red appreciating her thick thighs or the curve of her belly or some such.