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I am in the happy position of loving my job, and enjoy the long holidays too. Outside of school, I have studied tai chi for many years. I have recently taken up yoga, perhaps in an attempt to turn back the clock! Being born in Durham, means I know the area well and am happy to help students find their feet here. David is a Chad's alumnus having studied for a BSc in Mathematics and an MA in Education whilst training to be a maths teacher. He has recently returned from Cambridge after studying Psychology and Education, with a particular interest in mathematical anxiety, and is proud to be reuniting with Chad's as a tutor.

Outside of teaching, David can be found in the theatre, St Cuthbert's church or running a local pub quiz.

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He enjoys reading, gaming and baking as part of his downtime but always enjoys an excuse to get to Esquires for a latte! Interests within Chad's look to outreach programs and finding engaging ways for younger pupils to realise their potential, both in their mathematical and general aspirations. I grew up just outside London, and then spent 10 years studying, working, and messing around in the mountains of North and West Wales. My research interests involve trying to understand how our social surroundings influence our motivation — working with both elite performers and also those who are in some way isolated by their environment.

Outside of work, you can find me on a beach or in the hills, or on a muddy rugby pitch. The other non-fiction book, called A Year of Doing Good, was an exploration of goodness and required me to do a good deed a day for a year. Regrettably, it did not make me a better person. Before I moved from London to Northumberland and then Durham, I was education correspondent with The Sunday Times where I also covered politics, undercover and general news.

Especially Chadsians.

I am the college Librarian and very proud of the wonderful collections that I am privileged to care for and develop. I have collaborated in the writing of a number of local history books and articles relating to Middlesbrough. Working in a library environment has allowed me to indulge my interests in so many fields, particularly history and archaeology. Outside the library I can be found pursuing my absorbing passion for British archaeology all over the north east of England.

I am currently running a project to evaluate and excavate the site of a Roman camp and nearby settlement at Newsham on the River Tees. Andrew was delighted to see the Mr Kipling out on the water recently, having rowed in that very boat over twenty five years ago. Enid studied medicine, including doctoral research in fetal and neonatal physiology, in Oxford. On retirement, she fulfilled a long-held ambition to study Classics and Ancient History, graduating from Durham University in , and completing a Masters in They live in the Durham Dales with their whippet, Jonty.

Having emigrated from Canada over a decade ago for what was supposed to be two years and two years only, I am still enchanted with Durham and am very happy to call it home. Having studied both in the UK and in Canada I have a special interest in internationalisation, especially in helping international students adjust to academic and cultural differences. My area of academic interest is broadly called Behavioural Neuroscience but more specifically, I research the nature of learning and memory.

I am interested in how these memories are formed, but also in the experience of remembering, especially in affective disorders such as anxiety or depression. I also investigate how different factors, such as positive or negative emotions, can either distort or enhance the accurate recall of personal past events. Fred is an expert on social and economic development and the role of public policy in North East England.

He is currently working as independent evaluator of The Auckland Project, a regeneration scheme centred on the development of Auckland Castle as a major visitor attraction in Bishop Auckland, County Durham.

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After graduating from St Chad's in with a degree in Theology and Religion and a brief hiatus at home in Canterbury , I moved to Manchester to do a masters in Theology and work for the Christian inner city charity for young people, The Message Trust. Finding their morality to be worryingly middle class, I started spending more time with homeless people and the charities that work with them. Irene did a postgraduate degree at Durham in Theology, and has since stayed in the area working as a project manager. Previously she worked with destitute women in Liverpool, and she is passionate about social justice and sustainability.

In her free time she enjoys reading novels, listening to music, and almost any sort of outdoor activity. Jo grew up in Guildford and first came to Durham in to study Anthropology. Despite thinking she would go back to the South East at the end of her degree, the North East won her over and she has lived in Durham ever since. A few years ago she decided to retrain and has just finished a Masters in Urban Planning with a specialism in Landscape Planning and Green Infrastructure at Newcastle University.

She works for a small town planning consultancy where her projects range from planning for new and refurbished train stations, public art, eco-housing and community facilities and more besides! She is passionate about bringing social justice to the built environment and loves any conversation that pushes her to think more critically about these issues.

In her spare time she can be found singing, composing music and re-learning to play the piano. She has recently also discovered Park Run, which balances out her habit of baking fancy cakes. Josh is a postdoctoral researcher in Quantum Optics in the department of Physics. Voluntary work supporting and running playgroups during a break to raise a family then led to work in environmental education.

For the last 20 years, Sue has worked as an independent researcher, trainer and facilitator, specialising in in-depth field based research and participative methods - underpinned by community development values and principles. The main focus of this work has been rural communities and their particular characteristics and issues. Mim is soon to be author of Jailbirds: a book about, and written with, women from prison drawing on two years of facilitating art in prison and supporting women settling back into communities outside.

I am a freelance musician, songwriter and community arts facilitator living in Durham. My passion is bringing people together through creating original music about our stories of discovering community together. My most recent project — Stories of Sanctuary — tells the stories of sanctuary sought by those from the past and present in the city of Durham. I completed a PhD in December in Human Geography, exploring how communities can be brought together through arts and social action. I am a keen explorer of the North East — its countryside, its people, its history, its old railways!

I am tutoring with my wife, Mim Skinner. He was an undergraduate and a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham and in was awarded a PhD in Theology for his dissertation on Anglicanism in eighteenth-century England. His first monograph, The Church of England in Industrialising Society: the Lancashire parish of Whalley in the eighteenth century was published by Boydell and Brewer in He is married to Rachel, and has two daughters, Katy 13 and Helena All of them are sensible enough not to share his academic interests, or his hobbies of boardgames, swimming, and historical re-enactment.

I have also run my own franchise business teaching sign language to year olds. I love the coast, so am looking forward to having it on the doorstep and exploring what County Durham has to offer. In my spare time I enjoy choral singing, walking, scrapbooking, family history and I am teaching myself the trombone for fun! Jess lives and works in Durham. She has spent 25 years working in education, firstly as an English Language and Modern Languages teacher in schools both in the UK and abroad Spain, Greece , which then led to a career in educational publishing, working as a project manager and commissioning editor for companies such as Oxford University Press, National Geographic, Cambridge University Press and Macmillan Education.

While at university, he abandoned thoughts of a musical career in favour of ordination and instead went to theological training at Cuddesdon College in October I studied Civil Engineering at Bristol, ending up with a PhD for spending a few years thinking about earthquake resistance of arch dams. I then moved into the engineering software industry, which took me to work in Massachusetts for seven years. As well as teaching applied mechanics, I develop new computational analysis methods for engineers, and my software is used in the aerospace industry. I enjoy doing cryptic crosswords, and love occasionally setting them as birthday presents for friends and family.

I collect mathematical puzzles, and include one in every lecture I give. I play the piano and guitar, and have recently explored the mandolin and banjo. Karen and I live in Durham, and though our two children have now grown up and left home we love to have holidays together with them. I spent my career in education, mostly working in applying strategies to help young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Now I am retired, I am on the Board of Governors and also volunteer at a special school. I love our garden in Durham and can often be found pottering around it.

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Before coming to London in , I worked as a Catholic priest in a large grammar school in my home town of Derry, where I was Head of Classical Studies. I have always been interested in the relationship between theology and literature, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to explore this relationship, at doctoral level, in the work of Seamus Heaney. He represented students on extracurricular activity, volunteering, and citizenship, cultivating an interest in personal development along the way.

He is currently pursuing that interest working on the Durham Inspired Award, a personal development programme for undergraduates. He would be happy to speak to any students who are thinking of standing in University-wide elections. Has a MPhil in Socio-Cultural Anthropology investigating social networks of asylum seekers and refugees in the north east. My disciplinary background is English and linguistics; alongside this, many years of living overseas teaching English to non-native speakers prompted my interest in the use of English for academic purposes.

My recent scholarly interests have also included developing alternative means of providing feedback to students, and investigating student motivation and resilience. This included a variety of jobs mostly involving worldwide catalyst sales for which he visited over 70 countries on business. On leaving ICI in , he became a semi-retired independent consultant to the catalysts and gas processing industries.

He has been a college tutor since He developed an interest in social housing, working with housing associations and combating homelessness both in the NE and later in central London - most of this being combined with parish ministry. Moving to Scotland in , he helped initiate a number of community enterprises and was a founder member of Scottish Churches Housing Action and board member of the Scottish Refugee Council.

Anne Allen E-mail: anneallen9 btinternet. Tristan Alltimes E-mail: tristan. Pippa Bell Art history is my profession and my second passion my family are my first, which comprises of one very understanding husband Peter, 3 grown children Fergus, Flora and Ruari and the Labrador sisters Tess and Tig. Dom Birch E-mail: dominicsbirch gmail. Rosalind Brown E-mail: rbrown1 john-lewis. Gillian Campling E-mail: g. Bethany Cooper, BA E-mail: b.

Julian Fowell E-mail: fowells19 gmail. Jens Funke Jens is a Professor at Maths. Stephen Howell, B. Sc, M. Sc, Ph. D E-mail: stephen. I enjoy music, play the flute and also have an active interest in natural history. Jessica Lawrence E-mail: j. Our two children are both at University so we spend our spare time walking our dog, visiting friends reading and I enjoy watching sport I look forward to being a tutor at St Chad's and working with you all. Emily Oliver E-mail: emily. Judith O'Reilly Right, imagine me waving here.

Hi Chadsians is that a word? Jenny Parker E-mail: jenny. Andrew Pearson E-mail: apearson gmail. Enid Pearson E-mail: e. Pemberton postgrad. Irene Roding Pemberton E-mail: irp dunelm. Josh Rogers E-mail: joshua. Josh tutors alongside his wife, Jo. Sue Shaw, BA E-mail: sueshaw globalnet.

Sam Slatcher I am a freelance musician, songwriter and community arts facilitator living in Durham. Michael Snape, BA, Ph. D E-mail: michael. Jess Stacey Jess lives and works in Durham. News from Kansai [future workshops: financial panning, freelance writing, computer skills, typography]. Leader: Keith Wilkinson. Subheadings: An inviting title; The lead paragraph; Restructuring the test; Mixing metaphors; Checking quotations. Fall Highlights [future workshops: typography; financial planning; markets for freelance writers].

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